St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

Sometimes I feel like the only person in the world who has never been on a relaxing beach vacation.  I have been to exotic beaches, but it was not as relaxing as I would have wanted under ideal circumstances.  I went to the beach for a day in Nha Trang, Vietnam, which was beautiful, however I was 14 years old, and spending time in a bathing suit was not my favorite activity.   I also visited the beaches Costa Rica when I was 17, a slightly better experience because I was able to go with a friend, however therst thomese was not a lot of time to relax, and we spent our days zip-lining and trying to surf.  That’s why I have decided I need to on a relaxing vacation to the Caribbean.

I am lucky enough to know someone who has a home on the U.S. Virgin island of St. Thomas.  They have told me that they would be happy to have me visit and stay at their home, which is great, because that is the only way I could afford to go.  When I go, I hope that my days are filled with fresh fruit, time in the beach and lots of time to enjoy the scenery.

I would love to visit the Caribbean during carnival.  I want to see the celebration and join into the celebratory feasts.  I have heard that St. John is a great place to partake in the Carnival activities.  St. John is only a short ferry ride away from St. Thomas, however it is part of hte British Virgin Islansd, so make sure you have your passport.  I have also heard that there is a great smoothie place called Our Market Smoothies on St. John that I would love to visit.

carnival food

Other than carnival and smoothies I would spend my trip relaxing on the beach.  I don’t want to swim in the ocean, it scares me, and I don’t like tanning, so I would be in the shade of a nice palm tree, reading or napping.  I know St. Thomas is the right location for me to have my relaxing beach vacation.

Please leave any comments about your favorite activities or food in St. Thomas or St. John.

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