New York City, New York


I have been to New York City once in my life.  It was fun and exciting and freezing cold.  I do not recommend going in January, even if the flights are half price.  I want to go to NYC again, this time in the spring.

The most important thing I want to do in NYC is eat.  The hardest thing will be choosing, seeing as there are thousands of great restaurant to choose from.  Luckily visiting NYC involves a lot of walking, so that I can build up an appetite.

cronut2I want to stay at the Standard Hotel, where I would have brunch at the Standard Grill.  Then on my way out I would walk the Highline Park.  Then would have a Cronut. I have had a Cronut before, it was delicious and worth the two hours wait at Dominique Ansel Bakery. 

I would spend the next few hours walking and sightseeing.  I don’t enjoy too many of the typical tourist options, like the Empire State Building or the Statue of Liberty.  I want walk around and see different shops and boutiques.  I would love to take a long leisurely walk through Central Park, and enjoy the spring time foliage.

Next I would eat at Republic of Noodles in Union Square.  I love Pad Thai and really every type noodles.  Then I would like to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge to enjoy the view of the Manhattan skyline.  Then I would head to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens to see the cherry blossoms in bloom.  cherrytreesBy this time I would be ready for dinner, and done with walking so I would hop on the subway and head towards the hotel.  On my way I would stop in Hell’s Kitchen for some dinner, probably Ethiopian food.  Inevitable I will get lost at some point during the day, but there is no place I would rather be lost in than New York City.

Please leave any comments about your favorite places to visit in New York City.

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