Grand Canyon, Arizona

I have lived in Arizona and Nevada my whole life, and I have never been to the Grand Canyon.  Part of trouble is that I hate hiking and it has always been close so I figured i would make it someday.  I always thought then when I became an adult I would just magically start to enjoy hiking, but it turns out that it doesn’t work that way,  however, I would suffer through it to be able to see the best views of the Grand Canyon.  grandcanyon

Even though it seems kind of touristy I wanted to go on the glass bridge that juts out over the canyon.  However, you have to pay at least $43.00 to get a ticket, which is kind of insane, and the reviews say that it is a tourist trap so I will probably have to pass on that.

One part of the Grand Canyon that I have always wanted to visit was Havasu Falls.  I see the pictures on Pinterest all the time havasuand it seems so pretty.  I have done a little bit of research and I have learned that it involves a many days of hiking.  Oh boy, my favorite.  The hike to Havasu is about 18 miles, and it is recommended that visitors take three days to do the hike.  However upon further inspection I have discovered that you can take a horse of a mule for only $75-$150.  so if you see me on the trail to Havasu I will definitely be on a horse.  I hope the horse can carry some food too, because I know I will be so hungry.  My only saving grace will be the promise of really good Mexican food on my way out of Arizona.

Please leave any comments about your favorite way to experience the Grand Canyon.

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