Chicago, Illinois


I visited Chicago once in June 2008.  Unfortunately the reason for my visit was the death and funeral of my grandmother. She had grown up and raised her children there, and was buried with her husband, my grandfather.

Even though I was there for a sad reason I really enjoyed visited the city of Chicago.  it is one of the most beautiful big cities I have ever seen.  The architecture is stunning and interesting and Lake Michigan is beautiful.  I would love to visit Chicago again.

My mom grew up in Oak Park, which is a village in Chicago.  Famous people like Frank Lloyd Wright and Ernest Hemingway were originally from Oak Park.  There is a Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio Tour that I would love visit in Oak Park.  Fun fact: my mom attended the same high school as Ernest Hemingway, though not at the same time of course.

I would also love to take an architecture tour.  There are boat tours that run up and down the Chicago River where you can see some of the downtown skyscrapers.

One important thing people should know about me is that I love pizza.  I eat it whenever I can.  Lucky for me Chicago is known for its deep dish pizza.  I want to go to a restaurant called Burt’s Place which has been honored by Thrillest as the best deep dish pizza Chicago.  They are known for their caramelized cheese edges.  If there is one thing I know, it ispizza that there is nothing better than caramelized cheese.

Another Chicago requirement is a hot dog.  I don’t usually love hot dogs, but I would make an exception for a Chicago style dog from a street vendor. The toppings on a Chicago style dog are yellow mustard, relish, onions, tomato, pickles, peppers and celery salt.  I love mustard, so I’m in.

Lastly I would take myself to shores of Lake Michigan.  The beaches are beautiful but the water is freezing.  I would love to spend an afternoon walking along the shore and enjoying the view of the clear blue water and the famous skyline.

Please leave any comments about your favorite things to do and foods to eat in Chicago.

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