Month: July 2015


You can probably tell at his point that I would pretty much want to visit every country in Europe.  Next on my list would be Greece.  I love the pictures of the all white cities with the iconic blue roofs.

I may have to wait a few years from now to make this trip because Greece is having some real problems.  However, when things improve I would love to visit Greece because it is stunningly beautiful, there is so much history and they are the birthplace of one of my favorite foods, baklava.

Baklava is a pastry made of layers of dough filled with nuts and honey.  It is flaky and sweet and delicious.  I am also a big fan of Greek salad.  Greek salad is characterized by feta, tomatoes, cucumber and kalamata olives.

I would love to start my trip in Athens.  Athens has so many historical sites that  would be so cool to see in person.  I would love to see the Parthenon and the Acropolis.  It is hard to believe that there are buildings that are so old, that are still standing.

Also I love the movie 300.  It is one of those movies that I know is kind of stupid, but fr whatever reason I love it.  I know it is fantasy, but I would love to go and see the ruins of Sparta.  I would like to see how Sparta is different from the other parts of Greece.

I would also love to spend some time on a boat exploring some of the many Greek islands.  I would love to find some

scenic and excluded beach where I can enjoy Some peace and quiet.

Please leave any comments about your favorite places to go and foods to eat in Greece.



Another place that I would love to visit while I am in Europe is Spain.  Spain seems like to perfect combination of beautiful scenery and beautiful food.

I would love to go to the city of Barcelona.  The famous architecture of Antoni Gaudí is one of my main inspirations for

visiting Barcelona.  You have probably seen the images of his famous work like the Sangrada Familia Basilica.  The style is so distinctive because it looks like the building is melting.  I would also love to see the Casa Batlló in person.

I also want to spend some time in the city La Concha.  It is a city that is considered to be home to one of the best beaches in Europe.  I would love to enjoy the scenery and enjoy local shops.

The one place in Spain I am not interested in is Ibiza.  I am not interested in the famous nightlife or clubs.  I prefer quieter vacation.

Some of Spain’s famous foods are croquettes.  Which are fried dough balls filled with goodies like cheese and ham. Another famous Spanish dish are tortilla Espaniola.  These are thick potato omelets.  Also, I know that cold soup doesn’t sound very good, but I love gazpacho.  It is so fresh and versatile.

For dessert I will have to have ensaimadas, which are fluffy pastries coils that can be served plain or with preserves or cream.  Also it turns out that churros may have originated in Madrid.  I love churros, and I would feel so much classier eating them in Spain that I do in America.  Last time I had a churro I was on the Santa Monica Boardwalk and a seagull stole it right out of my hand.

Another Spanish dessert that sounds amazing bizcochoes borrachoes, which loosely translates to drunken sponge cakes.  It is basically a light cake that is drizzled with a sweet sauce made of brandy, lemon and cinnamon.

I know I will leave Spain a little happier and a little fatter.

Please leave any comments about your favorite places to go and foods to eat in Spain!

Rome, Italy

Continuing on my European adventure I would next want to visit Italy.  There are so many cool things I would love to see while I am there.

First I would love to visit the most famous landmark in Rome, the Colosseum.  There are night tours available where you can

visit after most of the crowds have left and get access to underground chambers.  it would probably be a little creepy to go night, but mostly fun.  I also want to visit the Trevi Fountain.  I’m sure it is packed with people 24/7, but it wouldn’t feel like a trip to Rome if I missed it.

I would of course want to spend some time in Vatican City as well.  I am not Catholic, but I would love to visit to see the architecture and the art. The Sistine Chapel is a must see.

The last of the big landmarks i would want to see is the Pantheon.  it is one of the best preserved ancient building in Rome.  Entrance is free and I would love to spend some time wondering around inside.

For the rest of my time in Rome i would want to spend my days exploring on foot.  I love the idea of not having a plan and spending the days visiting any shops or restaurants that catchy eye.  Of course I will need to eat, and in Italy I think I will be able to find some food.  Some of my favorite foods are the Americanized versions of Italian favorites, so I can’t even imagine how much better the Italian versions are.  I love bread and pasta and pizza.

I also hope to find some interesting little shop where I can buy some fun souvenirs.  Italy is known for making beautiful leather and I love leather.  I need a new wallet, I want new shoes and a purse.

Please leave any comments about your favorite things to do and foods to eat in Rome.


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After Paris, I would love to go to Germany.  My main goals in Germany would be to eat good food (as always) and drive really fast.

Germany is known for their pastries and chocolate.  I would love to eat a pastry for every meal and a chocolate for every dessert, however if I did that I would probably vomit, so I would throw in some real food every now and then.  Except for sauerkraut, I am not a fan.

One of the most fun things about eating in Germanany will be trying pronounce the names of the food.  I have some German ancestry, but I cannot speak a lick of German.  Hopefully with the help of modern technology I can make through without making too many mistakes.

Some of the meals I would love to try include bratkartoffeln, which is fried potatoes with bacon and or onion and bratwurst, a sausage usually made of veal or pork and served with fries.  From my research, German food mostly consists of a lot of meat and potatoes, luckily for me two things I love.

Some of the treats I would like to try include bay rich creme which is a light  

 fluffy desert made of milk, eggs and sugar.  I also would love to taste a prinzregtentorte, which is a seven layer cake with chocolate buttercream between each layer.

The other activity beside eating in Germany I would like to do is drive one of the best cars in the world on one of the fastest roads.  The Autobahn is not as lawless as it used to be and there are more and more sections that do have speed limits, but there are still stretches that do not.  I would love to drive any one of the amazing German cars down the Autobahn, a Mercedes, a BMW, an Audi or a Porshe, but I would love to drive an Audi, they are my favorite brand of car.

It would probably be in my best interest, as well as the interest of the other drivers on the road if I had a professional German driver with me.  I am a pretty good driver, but I currently drive a Suzuki and I never get to go faster than 65 mph.  If you see me out on the Autobahn steer clear.

Please leave any comments about your favorite things to do and foods to eat in Gemany.