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After Paris, I would love to go to Germany.  My main goals in Germany would be to eat good food (as always) and drive really fast.

Germany is known for their pastries and chocolate.  I would love to eat a pastry for every meal and a chocolate for every dessert, however if I did that I would probably vomit, so I would throw in some real food every now and then.  Except for sauerkraut, I am not a fan.

One of the most fun things about eating in Germanany will be trying pronounce the names of the food.  I have some German ancestry, but I cannot speak a lick of German.  Hopefully with the help of modern technology I can make through without making too many mistakes.

Some of the meals I would love to try include bratkartoffeln, which is fried potatoes with bacon and or onion and bratwurst, a sausage usually made of veal or pork and served with fries.  From my research, German food mostly consists of a lot of meat and potatoes, luckily for me two things I love.

Some of the treats I would like to try include bay rich creme which is a light  

 fluffy desert made of milk, eggs and sugar.  I also would love to taste a prinzregtentorte, which is a seven layer cake with chocolate buttercream between each layer.

The other activity beside eating in Germany I would like to do is drive one of the best cars in the world on one of the fastest roads.  The Autobahn is not as lawless as it used to be and there are more and more sections that do have speed limits, but there are still stretches that do not.  I would love to drive any one of the amazing German cars down the Autobahn, a Mercedes, a BMW, an Audi or a Porshe, but I would love to drive an Audi, they are my favorite brand of car.

It would probably be in my best interest, as well as the interest of the other drivers on the road if I had a professional German driver with me.  I am a pretty good driver, but I currently drive a Suzuki and I never get to go faster than 65 mph.  If you see me out on the Autobahn steer clear.

Please leave any comments about your favorite things to do and foods to eat in Gemany.


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