Rome, Italy

Continuing on my European adventure I would next want to visit Italy.  There are so many cool things I would love to see while I am there.

First I would love to visit the most famous landmark in Rome, the Colosseum.  There are night tours available where you can

visit after most of the crowds have left and get access to underground chambers.  it would probably be a little creepy to go night, but mostly fun.  I also want to visit the Trevi Fountain.  I’m sure it is packed with people 24/7, but it wouldn’t feel like a trip to Rome if I missed it.

I would of course want to spend some time in Vatican City as well.  I am not Catholic, but I would love to visit to see the architecture and the art. The Sistine Chapel is a must see.

The last of the big landmarks i would want to see is the Pantheon.  it is one of the best preserved ancient building in Rome.  Entrance is free and I would love to spend some time wondering around inside.

For the rest of my time in Rome i would want to spend my days exploring on foot.  I love the idea of not having a plan and spending the days visiting any shops or restaurants that catchy eye.  Of course I will need to eat, and in Italy I think I will be able to find some food.  Some of my favorite foods are the Americanized versions of Italian favorites, so I can’t even imagine how much better the Italian versions are.  I love bread and pasta and pizza.

I also hope to find some interesting little shop where I can buy some fun souvenirs.  Italy is known for making beautiful leather and I love leather.  I need a new wallet, I want new shoes and a purse.

Please leave any comments about your favorite things to do and foods to eat in Rome.


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