Another place that I would love to visit while I am in Europe is Spain.  Spain seems like to perfect combination of beautiful scenery and beautiful food.

I would love to go to the city of Barcelona.  The famous architecture of Antoni Gaudí is one of my main inspirations for

visiting Barcelona.  You have probably seen the images of his famous work like the Sangrada Familia Basilica.  The style is so distinctive because it looks like the building is melting.  I would also love to see the Casa Batlló in person.

I also want to spend some time in the city La Concha.  It is a city that is considered to be home to one of the best beaches in Europe.  I would love to enjoy the scenery and enjoy local shops.

The one place in Spain I am not interested in is Ibiza.  I am not interested in the famous nightlife or clubs.  I prefer quieter vacation.

Some of Spain’s famous foods are croquettes.  Which are fried dough balls filled with goodies like cheese and ham. Another famous Spanish dish are tortilla Espaniola.  These are thick potato omelets.  Also, I know that cold soup doesn’t sound very good, but I love gazpacho.  It is so fresh and versatile.

For dessert I will have to have ensaimadas, which are fluffy pastries coils that can be served plain or with preserves or cream.  Also it turns out that churros may have originated in Madrid.  I love churros, and I would feel so much classier eating them in Spain that I do in America.  Last time I had a churro I was on the Santa Monica Boardwalk and a seagull stole it right out of my hand.

Another Spanish dessert that sounds amazing bizcochoes borrachoes, which loosely translates to drunken sponge cakes.  It is basically a light cake that is drizzled with a sweet sauce made of brandy, lemon and cinnamon.

I know I will leave Spain a little happier and a little fatter.

Please leave any comments about your favorite places to go and foods to eat in Spain!


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